They decided to give it another chance and transferred me to another music school. This is where the magic happened.

I absolutely fell in love with music. I was shown that practising can be fun, performances can be enjoyed and, most importantly, how beautiful the music world is!

It was a beginning of my career that went through practising, solo performances and competitions, rehearsals and tours with the symphony orchestra. Finally - getting a degree in harp and piano playing (Riga, Latvia).

I am doing my best to make my music classes as interesting as possible.

Cartoon characters, Popular Songs, Rhymes and Musical games

have a central role in planning music exercises.

I got introduced to music by my parents at the age of 4.

It all started with an early age piano classes up until I turned 7 and entered classical music school in the piano playing department .

I will be very honest - I didn't like it. At all.

I still remember always cold classroom with always unhappy teacher. It lasted for few years until I started bursting into tears and having panic attacks before going to lessons.

My parents couldn't ignore my reaction but, at the same time, they didn't want me to quit music.

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