Piano Lessons

Online Piano Lessons

for Children

Favourite toys, books, cartoon characters, games, songs, nursery rhymes - are our piano lesson learning tools.  

We are creating a bespoke program not only based on the individual interests and goals, but also taking in account the strongest learning capabilities of each child (such as iconic, echoic and haptic memory - identified during the trial class).


Piano Piano Studio offers a unique experiential learning approach that actively engages creativty of each child. We let our little clients to explore and have fun with music. We encourage them to express themselves through music. Our goal is to help chilren build life-long relationships with music.

Our piano lessons include playing along with backing tracks, learning the basics of improvisation, use of chords, harmonisation, playing by ear, composition and lots lots more! 

Pop, Rock or Classic? The call is yours. 

All lesson programs are geared to develop a solid piano technique that is absolutely necessary in order to successfully explore various repertoire. 

ABRSM exams preparation.

We are extremely proud to maintain a 100% pass rate in ABRSM Practical Piano exams with over 90% of the students confidently passing with merit/distinction. 


All newstarters are getting an exciting Starter Pack full of learning tools, toys, stickers and games that we will play with in the class. 



A personalised lesson video recap is sent within 24 hrs of the class to refresh the material learnt and to support home practice. 

Have a sneak peak:


Piano Crash Course for Parents of Beginner Learners. Keep your finger on the pulse of your child's music education. Learn the absolutely necessary basics to be able to support your child's musical progress.