Music Counts

Music & Maths in one class

for pre-schoolers



We all know that the first impression is very important. That is why “Music Counts” main goal is to present both subjects in an interesting, exciting way and support learning progress also at school. The approach is highly sensory allowing to introduce new subjects in the game form and create associations about the topic. Despite learning being delivered through fun & play structure, we are highly focused on supporting National Curriculum requirements to ensure the programme helps in achieving best results. Each child is also given an individual folder with weekly homework to secure the knowledge gained in the class.


About the Class

Group age: 2.5 y.o. - 4 y.o. (preschool)


Class size: up to 7 children with their parent/guardian (ensuring very personal approach).


Lesson length: 45 min


Place: Phoenix Heights Community Centre, 140a Byng St, Isle of Dogs, London E14 9AR.


About the Idea


The idea was born during one of the piano classes where I was explaining the rhythm pitch. After the lesson, when I looked at the whiteboard full of numbers, fractions and notes I thought: “What did just happen? Looks like I ran a maths class!”. I wasn’t wrong. I shared a picture of my board with a friend of mine, Marcella, who is maths and physics teacher, and she said that the exercise could easily be used during her lessons as well! We decided to combine our professional expertise in creating a method that works both ways! It was a beginning of the "Music Counts" programme development which combines learning Music & Maths during one class!


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